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Wendell & Wild are Finally Here.

Academy award winning director Jordan Peele loves to scare us. He recently teamed up with henry selick, the nightmare before christmas director, to produce the animated film,wendell and wild. This stop motion movie centers around orphan kat elliott, played by lyric ross best known for her role in the show this is us. Kat is a teen hell maiden ,(I'm not quite sure what that is), but what makes this movie so entertaining is that she accidentally brings two hell-raising demons named Wendell and Wild into the world of the living. Wendell and Wild are voiced by you guessed it… key and peele. The spooky, family- friendly animated film also stars angela bassett from black panther, james hong from kung fu panda and ving rhames from pulp fiction! talk about an all star cast. in the newest trailer to drop, we’re warned to prepare for nuns, demons, murder, some children, a goat and a dead priest. if that’s not a reason to watch wendell and wild, i don’t know what is. This original stop motion masterpiece premieres on Netflix on friday, october 28th! make sure to alert the teen hell maiden in your life.

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