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Uncle Fester is Back!

Finally, the full trailer to netflix’s wednesday has dropped and it’s full of epic surprises. the series centers around the grown up goth teenager, wednesday addams from the addams family who’s played by actress jenna ortega. we follow her as she survives attending her parent’s alma mater nevermore academy that’s is plagued with murders and an unsolved mystery. in the trailer we’re quickly introduced to wednesday’s uncle fester who is played by actor fred armisen. the comic is best known for his work on snl, portlandia and los espookys. his irreverent brand of comedy is perfect for this new series. but that’s not all - christina ricci the original wednesday addams has also been written into the show as ms. thornhill. the show also stars luis guzman as gomez, catherine zeta jones as morticia and issac ordonez as pugsley. here’s a fun fact: in the movie addams family values, wednesday addams makes it very clear how much she hates thanksgiving, by putting on a play where she is dressed up like a native american that burns down a village of privileged pilgrims. coincidentally, wednesday the series debuts on netflix, november 23.

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