• The Lucy Lopez

Second Chances are Important.

Imagine making it all the way to jeopardy. You finally get to write your name on that little bright blue electronic screen and hear the theme song in person. But, it’s not your best day and you end up narrowly losing on national t-v. Well, jeopardy is ready to give you a second chance. Jeopardy’s newest tournament, named second chance will feature eighteen contestants who all share one thing: they have each faced off against jeopardy greats like amy schneider and matta amodio - and lost! According to the show’s executive producer michael davies second chance was an idea he’s had for several years. Although he anticipates former contestants from previous years to howl at the idea, he does not rule out future opportunities for them to compete again too. Second chance will make its debut october 17th and run for two weeks. We’ll take “participation awards are ruining america” for $1,000.

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