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Fast Food + Celebrities is a Win For Whom?

Updated: Apr 5

you’re only a celebrity in 2023, if you have a fast food meal named after you. This is the culture crash minute. This month hip hop power couple cardi b and offset took us by the hand and treated us to a two thousand one hundred and seventy five caloric love ride. the happy couple are the latest celebrities to lend their names to the mother of all fast food chains:, mcdonald’s. the cardi b and offset meal features a quarter pounder with cheese, cheeseburger, tangy barbeque sauce, world famous fries, baked apple pie, a large coca cola and a large hi-c orange lavaburst. mcdonald’s describes it as a hot meal for a hot date, picked by the glamorous cardi b and offset. we’re not mad at the meal, but if you’re gonna tag it as something glamorous - why not have a special 14k gold ketchup to dip those fries in? When Travis Scott teamed up with McDonald's the closest thing to a souvenir was Scott's name on the receipt. Mcdonald's has been collabing with celebs since 1992 when they teamed up with michael jordan, you would think by now they would give us what we all want? a collectible celeb happy meal toy. don’t get me wrong mickey d’s, I like your celebrity features- but i’m not loving it.

written for American Urban Radio Networks / Culture Crash Minute

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