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am I late to the Ramy party?

the hulu series ramy follows a first gen american muslim who is grappling with his faith and lifestyle. at first, it seems like any other half hour millennial dramedy. then it hits you with all the feels by, painting a nuanced portrait of a muslim egyptian-american family living in new jersey where faith is at the center of it all. season one gives us a deep look into ramy’s struggle with finding balance and a lot of comedic relief thanks to his dating life. season two is anchored in ramy’s wish to find purpose and direction in his spirituality. self sabotages his own efforts at redemption and yes, it’s actually funny. now, the newest drop, season three,finds ramy turning his attention away from both god and sex - and to the horror of his parents, ramy gets into business with israelis. season three will deal with topics that american shows usually steer away from like abortion and palestine. if there’s anything ramy has shown new fans, like me, is that he always finds a way to make every minute on that screen relatable and funny. ramy is currently streaming on hulu. i’m lucy lopez.

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