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a little bit about Lucy Lopez

Lucy Lopez is an experience-driven parenting pro. She firmly believes in blending compassion, inclusion and real-world understanding to offer impactful advice. Lopez recognizes that the most successful parenting approach lies between the "old-fashioned" and "new-age" styles. She draws from three generations of parenting wisdom. Lopez was raised by both her old-fashioned Cuban American grandmother and her more modern career driven mother. She integrates the diverse perspectives of her upbringing along with her own parenting experiences into her advice.

In addition to her parenting focus, Lucy Lopez is committed to empowering women and girls with practical advice and real-life strategies. With over 25 years of broadcasting experience, including 14 years as a parent in the public eye, she has become a trusted voice in her community. 

Lucy hosts the parenting podcast "Care and Feeding" featured on Slate, is a writer/producer/host for the American Urban Radio Network and runs her platform as a mentor through the "Mamacita Rica" lifestyle podcast.

Apart from her professional pursuits, Lucy Lopez is a dedicated mother to Amelia and Avery, whom she and her husband Geno cherish. The Lopez family takes pride in their Cuban American roots and calls Miami, Florida, their home.

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